2020.05.29 Fri

OPEN PORT CLUB Mix Series – Hashman Deejay

Here is the 10th mix of OPEN PORT CLUB monthly mix series.
This time featuring Hashman Deejay a producer and selector based in Vancouver, Canada. He is part of the music collective Mood Hut and has released works on labels such as Future Times. Hope you enjoy!

Q1. How and where was the mix recorded? Could you tell us about the idea behind the mix?
The mix was made with records, two 1200s and mixer, recorded at 524 main st in Vancouver BC…
Not much of an idea behind the mix but techno, raw “futuristic” and cheap sampling.. as it is
Q2. Could you tell us about yourself and your musical background?
I started playing instruments and making music young and soon learned to DJ from my brother. i was making a lot of music with friends some who i still make music with. by high school i had started collecting some CDs and records, we took our grandmas turntable, then just went crazy. i was digging all types of music, making mixtapes using regular turntables or start/stop. i started making beats after i bought a destroyed 2000XL and have just been doing my thing from there.
Q3. Could you tell us about the club music scene in Vancouver or Canada?
It seems to me like Canada’s got great DIY dance culture. Maybe a slightly smaller industry and people often created their own space to party. I don’t know many legitimate clubs but these underground spots are really solid. lots of venues doing their own thing how they want with pressure but its pushed most to do great things.
Release Detail : March 2020 from OPEN PORT CLUB