2019.10.28 Mon

OPEN PORT CLUB Mix Series – Hibotep

Here is the 7th mix of OPEN PORT CLUB monthly mix series featuring an artist seleced from each continent.
The mix of the month feature Hibotep whose DJ, Musician, Fashion designer, Installation artist and Filmmaker based in Kampala, Uganda in east-central Africa. Hope you enjoy!
Q1. How and where was the mix recorded? Could you tell us about the idea behind the mix?
With Logic Pro X in my living room. The idea behind the mix is supporting my Friends and the music i love.
Q2. You are a DJ, Musician, Fashion designer, Installation artist, Filmmaker, right? Could you tell us about yourself and your background?
Yes that is correct. I am a Somali Ethiopian Artist that Lives in Kampala. I participate in many Fields because i have too many dreams. Anything that allows me to get creative thats the train i jump on. I love what i do and the Community i have in Kampala. I feel very lucky and honored to do what i love. our community is never out of new ideas. I have a Great drive to Challenge societies and people who live in Boxes for minorities to make noise and stand for what they believe in.
Q3. Could you tell us about the music scene in Kampala?
The music scene in Kampala is divided in to two. One being very mainstream and the other which i consider to be Mine and my Friends scene is evolving and growing away from the mainstream to very much under ground Vibes. The scene is very vibrant and ever growing and very dynamic in its style. And the Party never Stops! We are pushing the limits, the music being released in our barrio by Nyege Nyege Tapes and Hakuna Kulala is Futuristic and every one is evolving. The Inspiration for once is not coming from the outside but rather the relationship with Technology and the attitude of Creating something unique.
Q4. What does the "Nyege Nyege" festival mean to you or African artists?
The Genesis of the Festival is actually the Most important Part. The Festival came out of necessity to showcase the music and the talent that did not get a platform. Our Friends who started the Festival (Arlen Delszian and Derek Debru) and i Met years Ago. And we used to meet up at a cultural center called Happier tilapia, and we used to use that space to play music we knew we only Liked and in return it started attracting artists with similar taste. Sadly the place was Sold and we needed to find a new space. What better Way but start a Festival and invite the world to Uganda. So in short Nyege Nyege is the Child of a much needed place for us and our extended Family Doing the same in other Parts of the world. It is a space for the people that play the music they love and which is organic and unapologetic.
Q5. What are you up to next?
I will be playing Oslo world and insomnia in trömso in the coming weeks and other festivals. Personally i will be finishing up my Ep and will be working on some new music. I will be starting a duo act with my twin sister who is also a Dj (Houdini). Everything else you will have to stay tuned.
Release Detail : October 2019 from OPEN PORT CLUB