2019.12.30 Mon


Here is the 8th mix of OPEN PORT CLUB monthly mix series featuring an artist seleced from each continent.
This month from Southeast Asia, feature a music project KOMODO by Gerhan Ferdinal (DJ/ Producer/ Remixer) based in Jakarta, Indonesia. He is also organizer Akamady Records, a homegrown indie label in Jakarta. Hope you enjoy!
Q1. How and where was the mix recorded? Could you tell us about the idea behind the mix?
The mix was recorded live in my house during the night. The Idea is to make an eclectic mix of old and new down tempo, dubby, cosmic disco, tribal balearic music that some how resemble tropical surroundings in nature.
Q2. Could you tell us about yourself and your musical background?
I’ve been into music since I was very young. I started to play musical instruments in junior high school and start collecting music in the early 90s which had lead me to DJ-ing when I studied abroad in the US around 1997 and never stop since then. When I came back home to Jakarta around 2010, I decided to focus in producing my own music as KOMODO.
Q3. Could you tell us about the club music scene in Jakarta or Indonesia?
I think it’s divided by two scenes, the mainstream (EDM and R&B) and the underground scene.
For the past 10 years there are many new / young producers, DJs and party organizers emerging into the club music scene in Jakarta and followed by the other big cities through out Indonesia.
Q4. What inspired you to start the label "Akamady Records"?
I started Akamady Records because I see many talented music producers in Indonesia and I wanted to be able to help them to get their music out to the music community in Indonesia and abroad.
Q5. What are you up to next?
I am scouting for new/undiscovered Indonesian dance music artists and will try to release them on my label, Akamady Records, and also working more on my own tracks.
Release Detail : December 2019 from OPEN PORT CLUB