2019.04.04 Thu

OPEN PORT CLUB Mix Series – Mr. Ho

OPEN PORT CLUB starts the mix series focus on artists across the globe. We will feature an artist for each continent on monthly.
Here is the 1st chapter in our series, mixed by DJ/producer Mr. Ho based in Hong Kong, Asia. Hope you enjoy!
Q1. How and where was the mix recorded?
The mix was recorded in my studio in Hong Kong, on 2x cdj 850s, 1x Technics 1200 and my back up Technics SH-DJ1200 mixer (my main Allen & Heath Xone broke down at the last minute)! Also, the eqs and cross fader on the Technics crackle (from too much scratching and twisitng knobs) so I could only use the line faders. Its good to have a challenge sometimes!
Could you tell us about the idea behind the mix?
The idea is quite simple this time - its a "future snapshot" what I play in a dance music club - float between house, trance, techno and breakbeat (sometimes disco too). It is "future" because I have only played out one of these tracks out before - I didn't want to put in this mix songs I always play. This mix has forgotten classics together with new tracks I bought as well as upcoming releases from friends and from Klasse Wrecks.
Q2. Could you tell us about yourself and the music background? What inspired you to start the label "Klasse Wrecks" with Luca Lozano?
I started to collect records when I was 15 or 16, so more than 20 years now! My knowledge of non commercial music came from skateboarding and listening to music on the skate videos as well as recommendations from friends - for me it was hip hop and hardcore first. Under a different artist name, I was also the Hong Kong Technics DMC champion and World Finalist in 2002.
I started to dig deeper into House, Techno, Electro Ghettotech and Baile Funk around 2003. I met Luca Lozano in 2008 in Berlin while djing. We became friends because we have the same kind of humour and also we like the same kind of music and aesthetics, bicycles and skateboarding. In 2010 Luca founded Klasse, and he invited me to join and run the label with him.
Q3. Could you tell us about Mihn club and your regular party "House of Ho" in Hong Kong?
Mihn club is my favourite club to dj in Hong Kong and I am proud and happy to have my residency "House of Ho" there. If you like no nonsense, no camera flashing, just straight forward dancing to good music in a room full of people with a good party attitude and good taste, I think Mihn club is for you. My party happens once a month, - one month will be with a guest, the month after me alone for the whole night. Musically it is quite open, ranging from slow to fast tempos, whatever it takes to reach Euphoria!
Q4. What would you like to do in the future about musical cultural exchange between Hong Kong to Japan and Asia ?
I think for people from most Asian countries, and also many non Asian countries, Japan has always been the best place for the kind of music I like. To be invited to play in Japan is always such an honour, and for my music/djing to be accepted there is an incredible feeling. So, I would love to continue to play in Japan regularly :)
There are more than enough great djs, both male and female in this area. Also I think its important for young Chinese clubgoers in Hong Kong to see Asian faces behind the dj booth and also Asian producers. Hong Kong is a former colony, and many people associate dance music with Europeans and Americans, or what Europeans and Americans do it "better". I think more music cultural exchange will inspire more creativity, confidence and passion for the scene to get even better and grow even stronger.
For "House of Ho" night, I would like to invite more artists from Japan and the rest of Asia to play.
For Klasse Wrecks, we have released records and featured dj mixes on our radio show from Asian artists, and we hope to do even more!
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Release Detail : March 2019 from OPEN PORT CLUB