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Here is the chapter 6 of OPEN PORT CLUB mix series.
In this month we focus on domestic artist and introduce OCCA based in Sapporo, Hokkaido where is the home ground of OPEN PORT CLUB. OCCA is techno DJ also known as organizer of "Archiv" at Precious Hall one of the world's best-known clubs. Hope you enjoy!
Q1. How and where was the mix recorded? Could you tell us about the idea behind the mix?
The title of the mix is "Time Transmission."
This is a keyword that came from the subtitle of my party, "Archiv." It's a techno mix, and I recorded this imagining how the music sounds like its bending the axis of time, bringing that feeling of connecting to the future to the audience.
This mix was recorded home with my recently updated gears. I wanted to bring out its best into this mix, so I used ALLEN&HEATH XONE:92 4ch to speed it up, and the looping feature from Pioneer XDJ700 to extract the smallest details. I put my full effort, so this can become something that can represent me regardless of my changing styles.
Q2. Tell us about "Archiv" at Precious Hall, one of the world's best-known clubs, and what do you think about the latest club scenes in Sapporo?
"Archiv" is not a regular event, but if we trace it back to "SYNC," its origin, it's been almost seven years since I started playing techno at Precious Hall.
We've had PETER VAN HOESEN, DJ NOBU, DJ YAZI, IORI, HARUKA, KO UMEHARA, in the past, all locally well trusted DJs. We don't have a clear concept for this party, but as the name says archive, I'm hoping that this could be something that has a special place in people's hearts.
Precious Hall has a significant influence on artists and fans worldwide but has moved several times since its opening. The big move starts from building up the walls and floor, and the decorations have a reason for being there, for instance, for better sound effects. Whenever I help, I could feel its completed aesthetics in its details.
Precious Hall has a unique sound system that's comfortable and high resolution. The rules that ban smoking in the dancefloor and photos in the entire venue help us concentrate on the music as well. Every time I encounter the precious moments at this club, I feel fortunate to be here.
About the club scene in Sapporo, I think there are more techno parties compared to when I started DJing, and more people to share the music and its significance.
Likewise, for Precious Hall, not only there are more opportunities to listen to artists in and outside Japan, people can experience the latest sound systems at parties using Klipschorn. It's exciting how the owner of the club himself keeps looking for new sounds.
It would be nice if more people got to know about "Archiv" from Precious Hall to experience the only scene.
Q3. "Airium" is an outdoor party held in Iwamizawa, Hokkaido, held in September (9/14-9/15). How was it? Tell us about its foundation, concept, and future goals.
It was the second time to hold this event since 2016. Like the first time, all the performers were locals. YUZO IWATA is currently playing in Berlin. He has released tracks from "Pluie/Noir" and came all the way to the venue during his Asian tour. SHOHEI TAKATA releases records from RYO MURAKAMI's label, "DEPTH OF DECAY." Naohito Uchiyama is the leading figure in Sapporo's electronic music industry, and he is releasing a new album from "TBHR" and "SYNAPSE." 16 DJs and artists had an excellent performance during the party.
The famous Jammin' Sound System from Sapporo took care of the sound system this year. The decoration was done by All Japan Lounge Association and Christina Rosa Candle, food by "Spice no ana Mujina" and Happy Hokkaido Kitchen food cars. We tried to create a venue with much local power as possible.
We held the second "Airium" at an open square next to the Horomukai-river dam. There are a well-equipped bathroom and a spring. Trees surround the entire area, and when it's a full moon, the light hits the ground and creates a natural dancefloor.
The total number of guests increased from the first time. We had about 200 in total. There were guests from Tokyo, far away in Hokkaido who drove five hours to get there, and also many families. It makes me happy to know that "Airium" is increasing its popularity.
Donato Dozzy was playing at Precious Hall around 2010 at an event called SYNAPSE. At the time, SYNAPSE was where people went to listen to artists that weren't available in Sapporo. When I went there and heard Dozzy play his music, I just knew that something special was happening at "THE LABYRINTH."
My old friend MANABE happened to be interested in what I was at that time. The two of us couldn't even put up a tent properly but headed to the event together, and that's how we got the idea of "Airium." After that, we were quite lost and stressed with where we could start to produce such an event. That's when I met Kaji, who works with food trucks in and out of Hokkaido, and he taught us about outdoor parties and also kept looking for supporters who could work with us until the first "Airium" in 2016.
Luckily, I was able to meet UMI/NASA, who could organize "Airium" with me, and we could finally start up the party with a powerful team. From now on, I'm thinking of making this event a bigger movement by expanding and strengthening our team.
Speaking of which, I understand how outdoor music festival sounds rustic. That's why I want to create a futuristic vibe for the guests at "Airium" through the venue and the lineups. The weather in Hokkaido from early summer to fall is the best, so I wish there could be more people coming to the party outside Hokkaido and eventually overseas.
Q4. DJ NOBU has brought your name up as a star DJ several times, and you have been playing at his party, Gong. How did you get to know him? Has this collaboration had an impact on your performance?
First of all, I am honored to be working with such a great DJ on the frontline. All I can do is to keep working hard to go on to the next level with my advancements.
I met DJ NOBU in 2012 at the club called "Tribe" in Asahikawa, Hokkaido. I was booked to play there when he was playing as a guest. After that, I started going to his parties like "FUTURE TERROR," and he came to mine at Precious Hall.
Getting to know him had an impact on me in many technical ways with my music, but mostly mentally. He and his attitude towards music keep reminding me that pursuing a career with techno music, which means everything to me, is ok, and that there's a amazing world beyond what we've worked for.
Q5. What would you like to do in the future?
There's going to be a gig at Oita and Fukuoka (Kyushu) in November, Tsuruoka (Yamagata) in December, and Osaka after the new year. I'm thinking of having more gigs outside Hokkaido, moving "Archiv" to the next phase by trying out some new bookings, restarting "Phantom Center," a party I started with MANABE who lives in Tokyo and sets my stage there.
I had been in Berlin for a year since fall 2017 to rethink the direction of my career and increasing input. I want to be able to visit new places through my performance and also want to concentrate on establishing my style as well.
Occa hails from the snowy city of Sapporo, located in the northern-most region of Japan, Hokkaido.
Basing his career there, Occa has been organising the Archiv parties for years at the legendary Sapporo club, Precious Hall.
His music synchronises with listeners on the sub-consciousness level by ingeniously and aggressively mixing furious snowstorm-like smokey minimal and spacey psychedelic electronics.
In addition, he has been welcomed numerous times to the inner circle of Japan’s leading techno party, Future Terror.
Connecting with Techno freaks all over Japan, his sphere of music activity has been expanding ever since.
Release Detail : September 2019 from OPEN PORT CLUB