2020.02.18 Tue

OPEN PORT CLUB Mix Series – Rabih Beaini

Here is the 9th mix of OPEN PORT CLUB monthly mix series.
This month featuring Lebanese-born and current Berlin-based producer and DJ Rabih Beaini known as Morphosis. Also he is the owner of Morphine Records. Hope you enjoy!

Q1. How and where was the mix recorded? Could you tell us about the idea behind the mix?
It was recorded in my studio in Berlin, picked the most interesting pieces I've heard recently, made a overlapping mix of different sounds and grooves to ultimately create a nice listening experience.
Q2. Could you tell us about the music in Lebanon?  Has the Lebanon music an impact on you?
There is a great amount of music coming out of Lebanon, some from the traditional side and this had an influence on my since my childhood, others are more from the avant-garde and experimental scene that is really advanced and strong, with a lot of musicians pushing the boarders and doing very interesting things.
Q3. Could you tell us about how is your label "Morphine Records" like? Could you tell us about the concept or policy behind the label?
There is no real concept or idea, it's a personal curatorial process that brings me to release music from different backgrounds, I am more willing to push new-coming and not so known musicians that make great music, it also has to be different and cross from one scene to another, in order to be part of the whole idea.
Q4. Could you tell us about the Japanese artists who release on "Morphine Records" in the past or upcoming? 

I recently release an album by outstanding hip-hop and spoken words artist from Tokyo, MA's music is mesmerizing and totally unique, this artist is a hidden Japanese gem and I am so happy I got to support his music and make his debut album.

He was also remixed by Sugai Ken, another amazing sound designer from Japan, and Contagious has a Japanese member the amazing Mieko Suzuki. Besides them there's DJ Die Soon who's coming out in February 2020 on the label, and there are more Japanese artists preparing material for Morphine as well.
Q5. Your music outputs in various forms have a very original and consistent view of the world.  We would like to know your input point of view. Could you tell us about what the music are you most interested in for digging currently?

I have no limitations and/or specific focus. I like to look everywhere for inspiring sounds, something that I can also work with on a sonic level, disrupt, deconstruct and maybe mix with other stuff in order to make a new thing out of it. It can be from field recordings I did or other friends of mine, or an old record or a totally new electronic piece from anywhere in the world. There is a lot of amazing music being produced in so many different places and this is very inspiring for me and the sets I play.
01. Agha-ye Sadjadifard – Bedah-E Navzai Santur
02. Art Ensemble of Chicago – Illistrum
03. Agha-Ye Sahihi – Bedāh-e Navazi Tombak
04. Amnesia Scanner & Bill Kouligas – Lexachast IV
05. Ben Vince – Makeshift Paradigm
06. Andrea Centazzo, Akira Sakata, Kiyoto Fujiwara ‎– Bridges 4.
07. Sugai Ken – Gendaihooooougaku
08. Joachim Montessuis – Le vrai remede d'amour
09. Two or The Dragon - التنّين – Prelude for the Triumphant Man (Part III)
10. Thomas Brinkmann – LHR2
11. Manimbong Choir Toraja – Tarranmo Datunna Puang
12. Dj Die Soon – Spiralfrau
13. Judgitzu – Umeme
14. Ernst Reijseger – Carbon Date
15. Kinlaw and Franco Franco – Cuore Molle Palle Mosce
16. MA – Sanzen
17. Terompong Beruk & Gong Kebyar – Gamelan Pendet
18. Mai Mai Mai – Anatole
19. Chimbuck Murung - Piece For Plung Orchestra.
Release Detail : February 2020 from OPEN PORT CLUB