2019.04.04 Thu

Launch a OPC mix series

OPEN PORT CLUB starts the mix series focuses on artists across the globe. We will feature an artist for each continent on monthly.
The 1st chapter is mixed by DJ/producer Mr. Ho based in Hong Kong, Asia.

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2017.12.21 Thu

Media listing information : Groove

Groove magazine posted an article about Open Port Club Artist Residency Program 2017 on the website. It is include the archive of radio shows featuring Jessica Ekomane, Lyra and Why She? broadcasted on 13th -15th Dec. on Berlin Community Radio.
You can check it out here.
2017.12.13 Wed


The special radio shows featuring Open Port Club Artist Residency Program 2017 will be broadcast on Berlin Community Radio three days in a row, starting today.
These radio shows are final process in residency program, through the residency from the end of August and live performance on October. Three artists - Jessica Ekomane, Lyra and Shiraki created each show reflecting residency program and experience in Japan. Please tune in!

Wednesday 13th December 12-1pm: Jessica Ekomane
Thursday 14th December 12-1pm: Lyra
Friday 15th December 12-1pm: Why She?
*CET - Central European Time

Here is the page featuring OPC
The archive will be upload after broadcasted.

2017.10.11 Wed

DOMMUNE live streaming on Oct 12

Open Port Club will stream the special program at DOMMUNE!!! We will be streaming live performance by Lyra, Jessica and Why She?. And special guest for talk is an illustrator, Jenny Kaori. Don't miss it!!!!

Thu Oct 12, 2017
Open Port Club Presents
Artist Residency Program 2017 Memorial Program 「Open Port Club - Sapporo Meets Berlin」

Detailed information : DOMMUNE Web page
2017.10.05 Thu

Open Port Club Showcase on Oct 13th

Open Port Club to hold live performance event featuring participants of residency program.
The residency program was held in sapporo in this summer, participants was Lyra Pramuk, Jessica Ekomane and Why She?. They showed brilliantly sensitivity and flexible creativity in co-production. You can see their performance both solo and session.
The entrance fee is free and venue is MIRAI.ST cafe & kitchen.
Please be excited about the performance featuring budding artists in Berlin and Sapporo.

Open Port Club – Artist Residency Program Showcase
Date and time : October 13th 2017 6PM-8PM
Venue : MIRAI.ST cafe & kitchen
NORBESA 1F., Minami 3-jo Nishi 5-chome 1-1, Chuo-ku, Sapporo
Entrance fee : Free
Performance : Lyra Pramuk(from Berlin), Jessica Ekomane(from Berlin), Why She?(from Sapporo)

More Information : No Maps Web page

Lyra Pramuk
Lyra is a singer, composer-producer, and performance artist. She was born and raised in rural Pennsylvania, studied classical music in upstate New York, and has called Berlin home for the last three years. In her solo work and collaborations, she embodies the search for sensual mysticism and transcendent emergence of the self within the emotional confines of global capitalism and our ever-more-heavily corporatized digital realms. In both her personal and artistic practices, Lyra commits to feeling, empathy, and listening as the central pathways to self-actualization as well as any affirmative, collective action.
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Jessica Ekomane
Jessica Ekomane's practice unfolds around music and sound installations. She creates situations where the sound acts as a transformative element for the space and the audience. This informs her musical compositions which seek a cathartic effect alternating between noise and melody, and playing with our perception of rhythmical structures.
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Why She?
Why She? is a slow artist, based in Hokkaido. His art ranges from composing guitar melodies and electronic music, to painting and drawing. It is hard to fit him into one specific genre, but all of his work embodies the “slow life” philosophy that he lives by.
He spends his long Hokkaido winters alternating between the Sapporo metropolis, and hibernating in his cabin by Yoichi river, where he keeps a tomato farm in the warmer seasons. His music reflects the contrast between these two locations — the bustling city streets that he skates through late at night, vs the tranquility of the nearly untouched nature which he inhabits. That is the essence of Why She? —
His music carries the footprints of the millions of people who saunter through the city, but also those of the bears who wander through the forest. It will send electricity through your veins, but it is a slow electricity. It is upbeat, but you will want to listen to it while taking a nap up in a tree. (by Anil Serpin)
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