2017.07.01 Sat

Participant Announcement

Open Port Club is excited to announce the result of the open call for its Artist Residency Program, which invites one artist from Berlin to Sapporo starting August 30th, 2017.

We received many applications from Berlin artists, all unique and attractive. We are grateful for this opportunity to learn firsthand about the artists at the forefront of today's Berlin. Thank you to all who applied to our program.

Out of all of the applications, the judges have near-unanimously selected Lyra Pramuk to be our participant.
Born and raised in Pennsylvania and later northern New York state, Lyra is a producer/artist currently based in Berlin. Her expressive performance caught the judges eyes, and shows promise for future artistic output.

We look forward to seeing how her stay in Sapporo will inspire her work.

Lyra Pramuk (b. 1990)
Lyra is a singer, composer-producer, and performance artist. She was born and raised in rural Pennsylvania, studied classical music in upstate New York, and has called Berlin home for the last three years. In her solo work and collaborations, she embodies the search for sensual mysticism and transcendent emergence of the self within the emotional confines of global capitalism and our ever-more-heavily corporatized digital realms. In both her personal and artistic practices, Lyra commits to feeling, empathy, and listening as the central pathways to self-actualization as well as any affirmative, collective action.

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Photo Credit
Photography: Sylwana Zybura
Styling: Tomas C. Toth
Makeup & Hair: Nora Belovai

The other participant from Berlin will be selected from the Incubator program hosted by Berlin Community Radio.
In addition, We invite 1 artist based in Hokkaido. The artist from Hokkaido will be selected through open applications and currently open for entries until July 5.