2018.05.02 Wed


Open Port Club doing a radio segment of dance music program 4 STEPS JOURNEY on FM Northwave in the last Sunday of each month.
In the broadcast on 29th April 2018, we introduced a DJ mix from the radio show ‘Tomoko Sauvage Special’ as the special selection program from Berlin Community Radio.
Tomoko Sauvage is japanese musician and artist investigates the sculpturality of sound and improvisation in relation to the environment. Her expression has own style composed with water, ice blocks, bowls and hydrophones and so on, and areas of activity are expanding all over the world.
This program is special show broadcasted when she visited Berlin for the live performance. It is a hour mix using such as ambient, experimental and ethnic music including her self tracks.
Please listen from following.
And Momo in Berlin introduced Yoshinori Hayashi and Yuzo Iwata. Both of two tracks played this time are latest release.
See you next month!