2018.03.09 Fri


Open Port Club doing a radio segment of dance music program 4 STEPS JOURNEY on FM Northwave in the last Sunday of each month.
In the broadcast on 25th February 2018, We introduced a DJ mix by Ikonika as the special selection program from Berlin Community Radio.
Ikonika is an electronic musician, producer and DJ known as the core member of the UK's preeminent dance label Hyperdub. In this Mix, she mainly playing bass music, while interweaving hers and her label mate's tracks.
This radio show is the collaboration program with Berlin Community Radio and CTM 2018, the festival dedicated to contemporary electronic, digital and experimental music, as well as the diverse range of artistic activities in the context of sound and club cultures.
From this time we start the new attempt, Momo joined our radio segment! Momo is Berlin based music lover from Sapporo. She will tell us recommended tracks and latest news about Berlin music culture every month.
Look forward to it!