2018.03.09 Fri

RADIO ARCHIVE : Open Port Club #8

Here is the the latest Open Port Club's radio show on Berlin Community Radio.
In the broadcast on 24 February 2018 is featuring a JHONLEON is a beat maker, traveler, cyclist, nature lover, born and raised in Sapporo Japan.
He encountered hip hop and sampling culture in later teenage years. He was greatly inspired from the rapid growing global beat music scene among the internet, decided to create his own stuff too. By using multiple gadget such as sampler, MPC, tape machine, he creates beats compounding the random flavor of Hip Hop, down tempo, ambient, etc. While his half-year stay in Berlin Germany, he had adventures of performing his own beats in the local Hip Hop scene among the area such as Neukolln, Kreuzberg, etc. Now he is back to Japan, started his activity based on Sapporo.
More Info On JHONLEON : SoundCloud Bandcamp

From this broadcasting, we greet a new host, Momo! She is music lover, and Sapporo native living in Berlin.
Please check it out : www.mixcloud.com/BCR_Radio/bcr-opc
Originally broadcasted 2-3pm CET on 24 Feb, 2018